Photos By Mary J. Machnica: Blog en-us (C) Photos By Mary J. Machnica (Photos By Mary J. Machnica) Mon, 09 Oct 2023 04:53:00 GMT Mon, 09 Oct 2023 04:53:00 GMT Photos By Mary J. Machnica: Blog 110 120 The Beginnings Yesterday on the way to my parents apartment, I was struck by the beautiful scenery outside. The day before it rained all day, temps dropped, snow clung to everything then froze!

It was a winter wonderland outside. I was brought back to a location that I had taken a picture at when in High School. 1978 in Photography class I had a roll of B&W film. Our assignment was B & W. It was a day, kind of like yesterday, beautiful fresh snowfall. I must have walked down the street quite a ways, and took a picture of a creek with fresh snowfall. We developed our own film. I remember really liking the photo, liking the dimension that B&W brought to the photo. 

I went back to that location yesterday, took another photo... [email protected] Mary Machnica t

Little did I know that years later... Photography would be a huge passion in my life. That. I would love to travel, capturing what I can along the way. I have no stressing expectations... I just capture what I can, when I can. From the top of parking garages as I'm heading into or out of the hospital to visit my mom.... to Traveling to Utah to capture the Milky Way  over Monument Valley. Over The ValleyMilky Way Over Monument Valley               Things catch my eye where ever I am.

I love Landscape, Astrophotography, Nature, and Wildlife. One of my Goals it to create emotion... I pray you feel something when you see what I capture. if it makes you feel Happy, sad, or reflective..... I've reached my goal.

I hope you enjoy my craft.... Please if you have any questions or comments.... I'm here and would love to hear from you!



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